Ryland M. Bacorn

Eternal Optimist

I do SEO for Yahoo! (now Oath) and a bunch of cool webside.

Ryland Bacorn - Web Optimizer

My first website was Bacorn Custom Guitars built in '97 using Adobe GoLive 4.0

Search experience optimization became my passion while living in Ithaca working for a local internet marketing startup. We worked out of empty office space in exchange for some clerical duties. Learned enough about freelance to start doing it on my own. Living in Ithaca helped me realize that my goal of moving to NYC wasn't for me. So I decided to take what money I earned from several 80 hour weeks and drive to LA.

Moving to SoCal was the best choice for my SEO career. Starting out at a Taiwanese credit card processing reseller, the culture shock hit me hard. But my strong work ethic I owe to living in NY helped me launch into great projects. Networking and business culture takes a more laid-back approach here, probably because it's actually gorges gorgeous year round. It fits perfectly with my aspirations: do great work so you can enjoy life!

At R·I·T I earned a B.S undergrad in advertising & public relations[1]

I once made Trent Reznor[2] smile at SJC.


Short list of sites I've worked on: