Developing websites since 1997.

I love building web sites. I has always been my passion. My trade is wonderful because it encompasses so much and integrates so many aspects of human creativity that I could never get bored.

My background

The first site I built was Bacorn Custom Guitars in 1997 using Adobe GoLive 4.0. I graduated from R·I·T with a bachelor of science in Advertising & Public Relations[1], and honed my skills as a marketer of the Internet realm.

I'm trying to see if I can rank for this term, at least in the top 100.

If you're looking to get your amazing content found on search engines contact me. Please research into the industry; the industry has a lot of fakes...
I really enjoy explaining my work, how high rank on SERPs is obtained and help people get where they want to be. If you're interested in simply meeting for a chat, that's fine, too. I know that once you have that "aha!" moment after you learn about this industry, you'll be ready to get me working on your site's content.

Ohh, and for those who are curious. My name comes from the famous guitar player, Ry Cooder. Google him!

more info: [1]